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May I choose to paint, wallpaper, hang my pictures on the wall, and have my own draperies installed?

Absolutely. Your suite is your home and we encourage you to make it comfortable by adding your own personal touches, pending first attaining approval through our Executive Director.

At the time of move in, you will find your suite painted and equipped with tasteful window coverings in neutral tones. Pending approval and discussion of details, you may, (at your own cost) have walls painted, wallpaper applied, draperies installed, etc. Personalizing your suite as you like is what makes it home and we understand this at Prominence Way. Understand that if significant changes such as these (suite re-paint, new draperies, wall-paper installation) occur on move-in, the resident is responsible for paying to have the suite returned to its original “neutral-design” condition.

Please consult our Maintenance personnel for instruction on hanging pictures and other items.