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3 -1/2 Effortless Steps To Our Presentation Center!

March 2, 2019

We have heard from you and would like to extend our apologies for any challenges you have encountered while trying to visit us.    Below are simple steps and images to help us find each other.  We always welcome a phone call to assist you personally-  403.727.9400.

  1. This will take you the West Side Where Our Presentation Centre is located .


**(If You Enter From  This Side  , You Are Entering  From The East Side (Prominence Way SW)


  1. To Access the West side of our building (Where our Presentation Center is ) enter off  EITHER Patterson Blvd. SW and Prominence Hill SW ( The Alberta Badminton Center) Turn RIGHT and continue around . The road will look like this photo below and take you to the WEST side of our building where we are. OR, from Prominence Way SW.

3. This is the West side of Prominence Way Retirement and we are right here! 2nd Door in from the corner.


4. We have Lots of Visitor Parking.

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